Below we show you clear and concise information about the operation of Wellisair, the technology and other aspects that we consider of interest. In case you do not find what you are looking for at the end of the page we have provided a space for you to send us your questions.

The device has a cartridge inserted in which various components are combined, which when reacting generate hydroxyl radicals (OH-). This natural substance oxidizes the air and surfaces, disinfecting the space in which it acts from viruses and pathogens.

Conventional systems suck in the air, filter it, and then return it to the outside, while WELLISAIR disperses OH- radicals in all directions, allowing it to act both in the air and on the surfaces of clothing and furniture.

According to various tests, WELLISAIR hydroxyl radical technology eliminates up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) existing in the environment, without the need for chemical products, being totally harmless for persons.

Through an Advanced Oxidation Process (POA) based on Oxygen and Nitrogen Reagents (RONS), more specifically, on hydroxyl radicals (OH-). These reagents oxidize the membranes of viruses and bacteria, producing a chain effect that accelerates the death of viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, once the membrane has passed through, it oxidizes the genetic information of the microorganisms, rendering them useless.

It should be noted that only three bacteria are known to have an antioxidant system, but even so, it is not powerful enough to fight against the advanced oxidation effect of Wellisair. Therefore, these bacteria are also neutralized.

The big difference is that WELLISAIR does not emit ozone into the environment, but together with d-limonene, which is a flower essence, it creates a natural oxidation process that eliminates pollutants.

The WELLISAIR disinfection process stands out, among other purifiers, in that this device does not aspirate the air to clean it and return it to the environment, but simply cleans and decontaminates the ambient air with the emission of hydroxyl radicals (OH-).

The equipment is designed to purify an area of about 60m2 or 300m3 as long as there is good air circulation and hydroxyl radicals reach the entire space of the room where it is installed.

Even so, Wellisair generates a chain effect that purifies and enlarges the purified area, a fact that can increase the purified area.

Yes. It can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The compounds involved in oxidation are calculated in quantities much lower than those stipulated by international standards, so that they are not harmful to people.

No. These types of radicals are produced spontaneously in nature; it is a natural process that cleans and purifies the ambient air. Oxidizing elements –among which is the hydroxyl radical– originate naturally when environmental gases are exposed to sunlight. This molecule is often referred to as an atmospheric detergent, as it acts on a large number of pollutants and plays an important role in removing greenhouse gases.

The biological life of OH- is very short, therefore, they react quickly with everything around them, causing a chain reaction that decompensates the other elements and stealing an electron to stabilize themselves. However, the human body generates enzymes such as catalase or dismutase that neutralize this action and make it harmless to people.

Yes, the IJOER – International Journal of Engineering Research & Science published a scientific study entitled “Evidence that OH- hydroxyl radicals that disinfect the air and surfaces are not harmful to humans.” On the other hand, measurements of hydroxyl radical emissions have been carried out, which resulted in a production of 0.64 ppm. This quantity is well below the limit of 1 ppm, established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States, which means that the quantities emitted by the WELLISAIR Technology, are in no way dangerous for the human body.

Indeed, it has two antioxidant defense systems::

Endogenous, produced by the body itself. For example, antioxidant elements that are outside of cells such as albumin, bilirubin, and ceruloplasmin, and other elements within cells such as catalase, enzyme Q, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and uric acid.

Exogenous, acquired thanks to the ingestion of foods with antioxidant properties or by the intravenous injection of antioxidants. Antioxidants such as zinc, selenium, ascorbic acid and vitamin E, among others, can be obtained from food.

Therefore, there are two barriers that prevent the effect of free radicals.

Limonene is a natural essential oil, considered a broad spectrum bactericide. It does not affect people, as the amount expelled through the cartridge wick is only 0.4 grams every 24 hours. These very low concentrations do not cause any effect on the human body.

Care must be taken when handling the cartridge during cartridge replacement and avoid getting the liquid on the skin, eyes, nose, or mouth. Limonene never has to be inhaled or ingested.

In the event of any of the aforementioned cases, urgently consult the health authorities indicating the D-limonene (dipentene) code CASE No. 5989-27-5.

No. The immune system of the human body does not need to constantly defend itself against pathogens to be trained to combat the attack of viruses and bacteria. On the contrary, if you do not need to be constantly on the alert, thanks to WELLISAIR you will be in a better position to react and will act more quickly and forcefully when necessary.

No. All the emission parameters from WELLISAIR are well below the limits set by the regulations that apply to them.

No, on the contrary. It is beneficial as it removes viruses and bacteria from the air and from surfaces, while improving air quality, eliminating odors, and helping to preserve foods such as fruits and vegetables.

The company that markets WELLISAIR can issue a “Declaration of Conformity”, with different tests in its possession, carried out on the product by various laboratories, organizations and universities in order to test both its effectiveness and the possible dangers for people.

From these tests and trials it is clear that WELLISAIR is not dangerous for health. Its use would be the equivalent of cleaning with hydrogen peroxide diluted to 0.5%. And – as we have already stated – the hydroxyl radical emissions from the WELLISAIR device are well below the limits for exposure to these compounds.

No, quite the opposite. It will help you to have an environment free of pathogens that can affect you.

Ozone is detrimental due to the amounts needed for optimal disinfection. IT CANNOT BE APPLIED IN THE PRESENCE OF PEOPLE. Once diluted, the environment is exposed again.

Ultraviolet light is very dangerous to the human eye, it can cause serious injuries and even blindness. On the other hand, as with ozone, after its application period, the environment is exposed to pathogens again.

WELLISAIR keeps the environment free of pollutants permanently 24 hours a day.

Not at all, the electricity consumption is negligible, which allows its continuous use. WELLISAIR can clean the air for 24 hours using 3.6 Watts per hour, which is € 0.22 / month or € 2.64 / year, purifying approximately 50/60 m2 of surface area.

Maintenance is very easy as there is no need to replace expensive filters or UV lamps. It only requires two periodic actions:

  • Replace the liquid cartridge every 3 months even if the liquid has not run out (it is oversized so that it never runs out) or when the equipment indicates it.
  • Clean the filter located on the right side (looking at the device button panel) of dust every month.