The Complutense University of Madrid provides its halls of residence with Wallisair and disinfectant air curtains

The five halls of residence of Complutense University of Madrid has provide its installations with the unique and new Airtècnics’s own Wellisair and Kleenfan technologies, that inactivate until almost the totally of viruses and bacteria present in surfaces and ambience. These are the first place where disinfectant air curtains are installed.

Being conscious about the hygienic needs required nowadays, and above all for some place where loads of people cohabit twenty-four hours a day, Rosa de la Fuente, the Vice-Chancellor for Students at the Complutense University of Madrid and Head of Halls of Residence, wanted to fulfil the “commitment to provide maximum security to the students and workers of the centres”.

Reliable and accurate system

This is why Wellisair and disinfection air curtains have been installed in the entrances, dining rooms, assembly halls, reception, and other common areas of the residences. These devices constantly generate and spread hydroxyl radical disinfectant micro-drops which, through the natural process of oxidation, inactivate until almost the all presence of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. And with natural photocatalytic system, purify and clean the air.

It has been demonstrated with credentials, certifications and endorsements from the scientific community that this novel system implemented at the Complutense University is the most effective and at the same time harmless to humans, compared to other solutions already in decline, such as HEPA filters, ozone, UV or ionic emission, so far used for disinfection.

Student passing under the disinfectant curtain of Airtècnics in a major college of the UCM. Lent by the UCM.