Reasons to choose Wellisair over other purifiers

Before choosing an air purifier, it is essential to know in detail the advantages of its installation in our home or business, its characteristics and operation. To facilitate this process of choice, from Airtècnics we want to put in value the Wellisair device, winner of Premis Talent prize from Cambra de Barcelona, and why it is the best option.

Active technology

The purification unit expels a small flow of air loaded with hydroxyl radicals that expand through the room and oxidize the harmful elements.

Wide range area

Through the effect called “respiratory explosion” a series of chain reactions take place that quickly eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from an area of up to 50-60 m2.

It works without a filter

The Wellisair device works without a filter. The emission of hydroxyl radicals encourages them to act directly on the polluting particles, making it effective on particles smaller than 0.1 micron.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Wellisair inactivates and eliminates bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, allergens, fungi, mould, tobacco smoke and bad odours.

No maintenance

Wellisair devices do not require special maintenance. Once the indicator lights up, the peroxide cartridge must be replaced, which makes the emission of hydroxyl radicals possible. This lasts approximately three months with 24 hour operation.

It is suitable for all sectors

From schools to health centres, from shops, workplaces and restaurants to our homes and means of transport. The Wellisair device is designed for use in all areas of life.

Discreet and economical

Its compact size, similar to that of a laptop, and its small fan that generates an almost imperceptible sound make it the most discreet device. In addition, the maintenance so simple and possible to carry out by oneself.